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Bravas Luxury Living Podcast

Bravas is the number 1 ranked custom technology integrator in the market. With offices in 15 locations across the United States and more than 3500 installations completed each year, we create beautiful places and smart spaces in luxury homes. Bravas works to ensure that technology complements and enhances any space rather than distracts from it.

Sep 10, 2020

In this podcast from Bravas, we discuss how to make sure your luxury home has the power to keep it smart! We spend time with Jimmy Paschke, who is the Sales Manager at SurgeX Residential. Please LIKE and SHARE if you find these podcasts useful.

1:38 Intro to Jimmy

2:26 Who is SurgeX and what do they do?

3:34 Impact of COVID-19 on SurgeX business

7:26 What are power problems?

9:45 How do voltage fluctuations impact your systems?

12:00 What is Surge Protection?

17:02 What is Power Conditioning?

21:00 How should back-up play into this?

23:40 What should you think about during construction to set yourself up better?

34:40 Gadget Quiz